A few handy words for speaking "futebol"

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) -- To impress friends with your knowledge of futebol, here's a few words and phrases Brazilians use to discuss their jogo bonito, the beautiful game:

Fominha - player who selfishly keeps or hogs ball. Derived from verb for hunger.

Frango - embarrassingly easy ball goalkeeper shouldn't have let in. Derived from word for chicken, idea being that ball was as elusive as a running chicken. A bad goalkeeper is a ''frangueiro,'' roughly meaning ''chicken taker.''

Gol de placa - extraordinarily beautiful goal.

Fregues - meaning customer, applied to teams that keep coming back for another beating. They're good customers.

Drible da vaca - literally ''cow's dribble,'' when player kicks ball past opponent, runs round him and collects ball on other side.

Bola quadrada - bad pass, literally ''square ball.''

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