Fans fight near tunnel as Cavaliers leave floor after NBA Finals loss to Warriors (Video)

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Multiple fans got into a physical altercation in the Oracle Arena stands as the Cleveland Cavaliers were exiting the court after a Game 2 NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors. The ABC television broadcast captured a few seconds of the fight:

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It’s unclear who the fans are or which team they were rooting for, though one was wearing a Warriors hat, and another appears to be carrying a yellow shirt in his hand.

After the game, Golden State blog Warriors World got in touch with one of the fans, who told his side of the story:

“Guy in front of us sitting on the wood wanted to take a picture. He backed up in the aisle, security told him to get out of the way. He came in our section and told me ‘get out the way I got more $$$,’ told him to get behind me… he kept yapping and then it went down. It’s the Bay, we don’t play that sucka s—.”

It’s also unclear for how long they fought. The TV broadcast cut away from the altercation soon after it began, but security likely intervened pretty quickly.

What we do know is that the scuffle occurred as LeBron James and J.R. Smith were leaving the floor. James and Smith had to hang back for a few seconds for the commotion to subside before they headed back to the locker room.

(Screenshot: ABC)
(Screenshot: ABC)

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