Fan gets beard trimmed by hockey skate during game (Video)


There are those days where it’s time for a shave and the razor in your bathroom cabinet is overdue for a change. Do you trek all the way to the drugstore for some replacements or do you risk the aggravation of your skin? It’s a tough call.

But if you’re a hockey player and happen to have your skates handy, they can do the job just as well; as long as the blades have been recently sharpened, of course.

During Saturday’s final of the Sochi Hockey Open in Russia, one lucky fan got to experience the unique feeling of getting a bit of a shave with a hockey skate. The man performing the shave was from Chop-Chop, a Russian barbershop chain.

The video comes with a warning to viewers: “Shaving was performed by a professional. Do not repeat at home!” But there are those moments when desperate times call for desperate measures.

We’re impressed by the idea and execution here, but we’re left disappointed that it was merely a trim and not a full shave. With a steady hand that hockey fan could have left the arena that night with a full fresh face courtesy a piece of hockey equipment.

It would at least be a better experience than Rasta Bob’s.

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