Exploding Hotel Toilet Puts Four Guests in Hospital

An exploding toilet at a hotel in Germany sent four guests to the hospital on Sunday night.

An exploding toilet at a German hotelsent four guests to the hospital on Sunday night.

The cause of the fire in the Nuremberg hotel is still unknown, according to local reports. The fire originated from a toilet on the first floor of theGasthof Weisses Lammlate Sunday night.

Firefighters rescued three guests from the hotel using the ladder from their fire truck. In total, four guests were taken to the hospital and treated for smoke poisoning. Thirty-nine emergency responders came to the small hotel, which was hosting a total of14 guests.

The 45-bed hotel is well known in the areait's been family-owned since 1732. Locals often visit the hotels on-site butcher and restaurant which serves traditional Nuremberg sausages. In 1979, the hotel was renovated and redecorated in traditional German style.

This isn't the only case of recent toilet explosions. Earlier this month, a toilet in a Bavarian nightclub started on fire when someone threw a firecracker in. No injuries were reported in that instance.

The takeaway: To prepare for a hotel fire, the National Fire Protection Association recommends guests check for smoke alarms and sprinkler system, take time to review the nearest emergency exits and ask front desk staff what a fire alarm sounds like. In the event that guests are trapped in their room during a fire, its important to shut off fans and air conditioners, place wet towels in the cracks of doors, alert the fire department of your location, and wait by the window with a flashlight or light-colored cloth.

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