Ex-NFL star Eddie George tries to save home from foreclosure

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Former Pro Bowl and Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George and wife Tamara are trying all they can to keep their million-dollar home off the auction block.
George just learned recently that the house in Nashville is set for auction on Thursday, June 7.
According to the Tennessean newspaper, the Georges had been seeking a mortgage modification for several months, with their house no longer having the value of what they paid for it.
Accountant Larry Goodman told the newspaper that he had been negotiating on behalf of the George's with IndyMac Mortgage Service and thought there was agreement on a new mortgage with new terms that would help the Georges.
Instead, he just learned that the house is set for auction, which may lead him to file for emergency judicial relief to prevent the auction from going forward.
However, one thing not in the George's favor, Goodman admitted, is that they stopped making mortgage payments several months ago because the mortgage company refused to consider altering the mortgage because the couple was current on its payments at that time.
"We're not trying to walk away from anything," Goodman said. "They love living there, it's a great house. Like anybody else who buys an expensive house, it flipped on him."
Goodman said he submitted more paperwork for mortgage modification three weeks ago, and had been optimistic, but was never informed that foreclosure proceedings had begun.
The Georges bought the 8,500-plus square foot house in a Nashville suburb in 2007 for $1.6 million. It was on the market for $1.1 million a few months ago, the paper reported.
"I was on the phone [Thursday] with IndyMac and was not told our loan was in immediate foreclosure, nor have we received any additional information from the lender indicating such," Goodman said. "The loan modification process in our country is difficult at best, and this is another example of it."

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