Evgeni Malkin gets his revenge on Phil Kessel for dressing room snark (Photo)


As the Pittsburgh Penguins prepped for their Thursday night game in New Jersey the dressing room for the Devils’ practice rink inside Prudential Center was short a few stalls.

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Evgeni Malkin drew the short straw since he’s still out with an injury and was given a chair along the wall as his stall, as documented by Phil Kessel with a little bit of snark.

That snark by Kessel, who hadn’t Tweeted since Super Bowl Sunday, didn’t sit well with Malkin. So as the Penguins moved on to Toronto and Ricoh Coliseum for Friday’s practice, Geno got his revenge.

With some help from some team staff, Kessel was given his very own chair featuring cans of Coca-Cola, coffee and various Penguins signs.

Malkin really wanted to find some hot dogs to add to the prank.

From the Penguins website:

“I love hot dogs, too,” Malkin stated. “But not in the regular season. Only in summer time. I’ve never seen him eat a hot dog, but it’s just joking.

“It wasn’t my idea. It was Dana. He said we need to answer,” Malkin said. “I wanted to answer today and Dana helped me.”

“Today a little payback to Phil,” Heinze joked. “We gathered up his stuff and some things we thought he needed for practice today and set his stall up. It’s all in good fun.”

Next step in the Penguins great prank battle of 2017 is one of these guys hiding out in an equipment bag and scary the other, like Marc-Andre Fleury to Colby Armstrong back in the day.

The Penguins won’t start Round 1 until at least next Wednesday, so there’s plenty of time for this to escalate.

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