Even NFL's senior VP of officiating has a 'Dez caught it' joke

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Remember the big controversy surrounding Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant’s non-catch in the playoffs at Lambeau Field a couple seasons ago? Of course you do. Everyone does.

Bryant’s overturned catch against the Green Bay Packers has turned into an Internet meme. You probably can’t go a day or two without someone tweeting “You caught it” at Bryant. It seems like it’s a mix of comedy and resentment from Cowboys fans. You know who thinks it’s funny too? NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino.

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About the time Bryant made a ridiculous touchdown catch on Sunday night, Blandino had jokes:

As you can imagine, the replies got a bit out of control. As it turns out, not everyone is thrilled with the NFL’s officiating head cracking jokes about one of the most controversial calls in league history, when many people (including a very high percentage of folks from the Dallas area) think the call was egregiously wrong. Go figure.

(Also worth mentioning, Blandino found himself in a bit of controversy when he was spotted hanging out on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ bus a couple years ago.)

It was a pretty funny joke, but Blandino might have been better off if he held onto that one.

Dez Bryant’s non-catch at Lambeau Field will never be forgotten (AP)
Dez Bryant’s non-catch at Lambeau Field will never be forgotten (AP)

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