Evander Kane calls out Bruins’ Miller as a coward on Twitter


Boston Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller and Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane have had little skirmishes in three of the four games between the teams this season. On Saturday, it almost bubbled over into a fight, but the officials stepped in to prevent one – again, for the Bruins, which we’ll get to later.

Kane was given two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct and a 10-minute misconduct, while Miller was given two for roughing.

Alas, this was the last meeting between the teams this season, as the Bruins swept the Sabres for the first time in their rivalry. So Kane did the completely super-brave thing, and called out Miller on Twitter as a fake tough guy cowering behind the linesmen:


Neither Kane nor Miller drop the gloves with much frequency, with both around a dozen career NHL fights. But according to Kane, Miller is only pretending to want to fight him because he knows the linesmen will rush in and save him from the whuppin’ that the Sabres winger will administer to him. Who knows, maybe he’s seen video of Kane getting physical before. You know, like nightclub surveillance camera footage or something ….

Turns out Kane was actually responding to Miller’s call-out after the game, in which he basically accused Kane of the same thing:

“I think [Kane] was excited to fight when the referees came in and not before,” he said.

In fairness, both players should have expected the fight would be halted before it began because officials are apparently always stepping in to stop Bruins fights this season. Adam McQuaid recently was restrained by linesmen from fighting against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now Miller had his potential fight defused.

WEEI’s Ty Anderson asked Claude Julien about it:

“I don’t [know why],” Julien said. “We haven’t had a memo saying, ‘We’re doing this,’ or, ‘We’re doing that,’ and that’s probably something for someone else to answer. Maybe they’re trying to avoid scuffles.”

Please refer to them as the Big [Sometimes, If The NHL Allows It] Bad Bruins.

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