Emily Blunt's Hilarious SNL Promos Have Us Very Excited for Saturday Night

Kelsey Glein

Credit: Courtesy

Just when we thought Emily Blunt couldn't get any funnier.

The promo videos for the star's upcoming gig as the host of Saturday Night Live were just released, and her signature British wit has us laughing out loud. The seriously hilarious clips show InStyle's November cover girl sitting down with cast member Beck Bennett for what he thinks is a date at a New York City pizza joint. Blunt--who slayed the weekend's box office with her thriller flick The Girl on the Train--is quick the remind him that she is indeed a married woman.

In the teasers, the 33-year-old actress manages to convince the comedian that she not only played the lead character Rachel in the hit film, but also the train itself. "They had me in a motion capture suit, and all the choo-choos and the chugga-chuggas are me," she says with a straight face. Beckett also furiously dabs the grease off of his slice much to Blunt's dismay and later attempts to share a "large pepperoni" with the beauty.

Blunt will be joined in this week's episode by musical guest Bruno Mars.

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VIDEO: Go Behind the Scenes at Emily Blunt's Covershoot

Watch all the promos by clicking on the video above, and tune into SNL this Saturday, Oct. 15 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.