Elderly Cubs fans have glorious reactions to World Series victory

Chicago Cubs fans around the world were elated on Wednesday night (Thursday morning, technically) when they watched their team break that stupid curse and win the World Series. In fact, Cubs fans are still elated, and they’ll continue to be elated for quite some time.

Seeing the reactions roll in on social media was truly grand, but some of the best ones came from the oldest fans. They’re the ones who’ve waited the longest to experience that glorious moment, and maybe they thought they’d never get to see the Cubs make it to the top of that mountain. That just makes it all so much sweeter.

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The children and grandchildren of these elderly Cubs fans didn’t hesitate to snap pictures and record videos of those long awaited reactions, and so we get to witness their joy, and feel a little for ourselves.

The noise that gentleman makes? That’s the rarely-heard Chicago Victory Warble. Thanks to the Cubs, it’s making a comeback.

If those two actually watched the whole game at a bar (as it appears in the picture), then that guy is a true champ.

Do you want to see pictures of happy grandparents, taken by happy grandchildren? You know you do.

Grandparents are awesome (obviously), but how about great grandparents? We’ve got some of them and they’re just as thrilled.

It may have been way past Hazel Nilson’s bedtime, but as she said, it was worth it.

And we can’t forget about Bob Newhart, the ultimate Cubs fan.

For every elderly Cubs fan who was able to watch their team win the World Series, there are so many who didn’t. But Cubs fans haven’t forgotten them, and they found a way to pay tribute.

There’s a place for every fan in this Cubs victory, no matter where they are.

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 02: Chicago Cubs fans celebrate after the Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians 8-7 in Game Seven of the 2016 World Series at Progressive Field on November 2, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cubs win their first World Series in 108 years. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cubs fans of all ages celebrate their team’s victory. (Getty Images)

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