Edwin Encarnacion has the perfect car to survive the zombie apocalypse

If the zombies come and try to eat all of our brains, here’s a tip: Find Cleveland Indians slugger Edwin Encarnacion and jam into his car. It’ll save you.

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Calling this thing a car is like calling Encarnacion a hitter — it doesn’t quite do justice to the power we’re talking about. When we were at Cleveland Indians camp this spring we spied Encarnacion’s ride, which looks as much like an armored vehicle as it does a car in which to cruise around the city. It’s a Rhino GX, which runs upward of $250,000, and looks like it could run over every single zombie in “The Walking Dead” with no problem.

Edwin Encarnacion's Rhino GX. (Yahoo Sports)
Edwin Encarnacion's Rhino GX. (Yahoo Sports)

Encarnacion can certainly afford the price tag on this. He signed a three-year, $60 million free-agent contract to become Cleveland’s middle-of-the-order masher this season. It’s not entirely clear whether this was an I-just-got-paid present for Encarnacion or something that had been in the works for a while. Nonetheless, it catches some eyes.

“Everybody stares it,” he told Yahoo Sports in Spanish.

With good reason. Look at that monster. He joins a list of baseball players who are making the massive Rhino GX SUVs among the hottest rides in baseball. Aroldis Chapman and Felix Hernandez both have one. And Encarnacion says he first encountered it because David Price, his Blue Jays teammate in 2015, had one.

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