Easy Halloween makeup ideas that are more chic than EEK!

Halloween is a festive day that can seriously split opinions. Do you shudder at the idea of fancy dress, or is it the one day in the year where you can really go all out and be creative?

Maybe you’ve got a Halloween invite but not sure how serious everyone’s taking it (no one wants to turn up as Frankenstein’s Bride a la Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls right?)

Well FEAR NOT, we’ve got some stylish and subtle ideas to nod to the Halloween theme without committing to a costume.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform yourself is with a mask. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the sweaty plastic skin sacks that are more suffocating than scary. 

Try Face Lace - an intricate and grown up version of the Halloween face mask. Fix one of these delicate lace pieces to your face for instant elegance, and a transformational Halloween look with just one accessory. 

The adhesive tabs make them super easy to apply and they hold up all night. Face Lace comes in many designs but we love this Musetress Lace Mask (£20.95) for a bit of masquerade glamour.

Halloween is a great time to be more adventurous with your makeup but it doesn’t always mean face paint. Try a modern homage to the Morticia Adams look with some seriously vampy lips and pale matte skin. 

We absolutely love the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia (£11.50), a super saturated, blood red colour with a shot of glitter. The result is amplified, dramatic looking lips. Overline your lips and drag the gloss through for a messy, bloody look.

If you normally wear lipstick in the day and looking to take it that one step further, then Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard (£12.50) are for you. The 3D effect lip glitter is applied to a thin layer of lip glue and they last all night - even through eating and drinking. 

We get so many compliments every time we wear these, try Glitter Lips in Ultra Glam teamed with dramatic winged eyeliner. Your makeup will be so on point, no one will care that you’re not wearing a costume.

Good news! The fluffy cat ears that you wore as a kid have grown up with you too. These lace cat ears from Topshop (£7) are the ultimate in Halloween chic. 

Perfect for lazy girls who just want to throw on some cat ears and be done with it all. Team with an all-black outfit and you’ve got Catwoman in the bag. Who said fancy dress had to be complicated?

[Instagram: hausofluxecosmetics]

If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous but still keen to do something, why not try extending your eyeliner or add a few additional details at the edge of the eye? 

Little dots and small strokes along the outside corner of the eye go a long way. Try this Lord & Berry Perfecto Liner (£14) which has a special film builder that will keep your design lasting all night. Just keep a cotton bud to hand to clean up any mistakes before it dries.

[Instagram: EligirlBeauty]

Who needs claws when you have pointy stiletto nails? Black stiletto nails will add a spooky edge to any outfit but we can never grow our nails long enough to shape them like this.

For a one-night only fix, try these Elegant Touch After Dark Stiletto Nails (£7.95) which have flexible technology that means you won’t see any pinging off during the night. It also means you won’t end up with black stained nails once you take off the polish either.

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