Dunk Fest: Old vs. New, part 1

Erik Woods, Californiapreps.com staff
California Preps

E-Woods Drops Knowledge: Cali Smash-On Dunkers Ceballos, Adams, Ennis

It’s 1988, I'm watching MJ vs Dominique Wilkins. Those twin Frankenstein jammers were the epitome of NBA dunk contests...pure GOAT dunkers.

MJ straight fire vs sizzle lightening, maybe Dominique was the human highlight film, maybe got robbed in 88'…maybe he didn't.


E-Woods, what is this dunk-aholic story u spin...why should us hoop heads reading be ALL IN ?

Dunking is imposing your will. 2 points rise up, gangster down on your opponent. Proper dunking is that nasty swerve on in-game move.

It's like K-Dot did to Big Sean On Humble:

My left stroke just went viral

Right stroke put lil baby in a spiral

I once saw this T- shirt with a Chipmunk on the front that said, "Grab these nuts." Yup...that's good dunking.

Cedric Ceballos - Ced was my guy in ‘88.

He was a HAWK style dunker, glides in the air He was less about power and more like float...he was pure poetry through the air.

Ced got a poster on me I have to say, but I came in 2nd to him in our VC dunk contest.

He had quick rise up...yet flush down. Loved his step moms, Francine. I taught lil kids together with her at Weemes Elementary.

Ced’s nickname is "chise", short for Franchise. But I just called Ced friend...nuf said.


Hassan Adams, Westchester, Zona, NBA Nets.

I met "Hot Sauce" in 2004, loved this young bull. Mr Hassan like my Ray Lewis runnin ish in LA at Westchester to me.

Inglewood, Rogers Park fame...cuz Hot Sauce had game. Hassan that HAMMER style funk-you-out, Funk u up artist.

My advice, don't jump with him, told that to CP3, not trying to be outta pocket with you Chris though. Props.

H-Adams dunk is like straight hot Arizona day heat, 110 degrees in the shade, cuz Hassan Hot and cold at the same time bro.

Gorilla Black was Hassan's fav rapper way back, ask him how I know...waited all day for GB to show.

Mr Adams make today's dunkers look silly.....like they name Billy.


James Ennis, my Oxnard Homie, he's a great guy.

Boosties so nasty his feet touch the sky, put that on Air West. # facts

But did you know J is a true good guy, he gave up his spot to me as we balling at 24, just so I could get a run. After ballin at Long Beach State, he turned dudes out in Australia.

J's dunk skills just ridiculous, and his focus tighter.

Miami Heat coach Eric Spolstra said he first saw J-Ennis on TV. James flew out the TV and hit him in the head, nuf said.

So if you didn't already know...then now you know.

Upcoming in Part 2: can the top dunkers from current rosters of California high schools match up with the old school folks?


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