Dumervil dumps agent; other teams starting to show interest

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A day after the deadline was missed to file the paperwork on Elvis Dumervil's restructured contract, the Denver Broncos defensive end fired his agent.
Marty Magid told USA Today that Dumervil let him know Saturday he no longer was employing him as his agent. Magid isn't quibbling with it, waiving a five-day waiting period to Dumervil to hire a new agent.
"It's terrible, but he said he knows what happened and why it happened," Magid said. "I know the people in Denver think I should be fired, but like I said, there were a lot of reasons for why it happened."
Magid said the Broncos changed the terms of their initial proposal and that caused the delay in sending the contract to the NFL. Dumervil had agreed to take a pay cut to remain with the Broncos.
Now that Dumervil is a free agent after the snafu, interest is picking up in the pass rusher. The Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans are among those teams, and the Broncos also will attempt to re-sign him, according to reports.
The Ravens have "serious" interest and hope to meet with him soon, the Baltimore Sun reported.