Dubai ruler appoints leader for doping inquiry

The Associated Press

LONDON (AP) -- A Dubai ruler has appointed a former British police chief to lead the inquiry into equine drugs.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has asked former London Metropolitan Police chief John Stevens to ''oversee an internal inquiry'' of his horse sport operations after a shipment of unlicensed equine drugs was seized in May from a government plane in Britain.

Stevens says in a statement the probe will ''examine organizational structures, internal communication and veterinary practices at all of the major components of Sheikh Mohammed's equestrian properties,'' which include extensive thoroughbred and endurance stables.

Stevens says he is appointing an inquiry team to work into next year.

The inquiry was launched after Stevens met on Tuesday with International Equestrian Federation President Princess Haya of Jordan, who is the sheik's wife. It could determine if FEI regulations were broken.

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