Doug Whaley believes Cardale Jones is ready to start for the Buffalo Bills

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One of the most topical offseason choices any team will have during the next few weeks is whether or not to retain the services of their starting quarterback. Specifically, I am talking about the Buffalo Bills decision on Tyrod Taylor. Owed $30.75 million in guaranteed money should he return next season, Taylor has already said that he won’t restructure his contract.

With the Bills unlikely to pay that amount for someone that is not the franchise quarterback of the future, Buffalo could be in the market for a new starting quarterback this offseason. While some choices could come from the 2017 NFL Draft, there are some players that could be available for the team during free agency.


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However, only Kirk Cousins has the looks and stats of someone that could be made a permanent starter for this team. As I also stated, the upcoming draft could be another option for this team should they wish to pursue it. However, as most have stated, this quarterback class looks to be weak in day one strength. Each of the quarterbacks with first round draft stocks need refinement in a lot of ways, leading to a prolonged wait before they are ready to start.

The other potential option could already be on the Buffalo Bills roster. Drafting Cardale Jones in the fourth round of last year’s NFL Draft, the Bills have a quarterback with immense talent but extremely raw playing skills. With very little playing time at even the college level, Jones is still in need of a lot of development, development I doubt will ever occur for the former Ohio State player.

That said, one person does seem to have faith in Cardale Jones as the team’s next starting quarterback. Talking about the Bills current quarterback dilemma, Vic Carucci pointed out that general manager Doug Whaley is a fan of making Jones the starter for next season. Does this shock me. Absolutely not, especially considering all the nut job moves this man had made as general manager.

In today’s NFL, you need an elite quarterback to make deep runs towards the Super Bowl. However, for a team that is still looking for it’s first playoff appearance since the turn of the century, the Buffalo Bills just need someone competent at the position. If the Bills choose to start Cardale Jones next season, they will be dooming themselves to another year of mediocrity.

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