Donald Trump is still using his old phone, but not like you think

Mike Wehner
BGR News

Much has already been made of President Donald Trump’s refusal to stop using his old, outdated, and totally insecure Galaxy S3. He’s apparently a creature of habit, and it’s gotten to the point that even when he’s not using it to shoot off angry, poorly worded tweets, he’s basically turning it into a piece of technology straight out of 1994. According to inside sources speaking with Axios, the President of the United States is basically using his outdated Galaxy S3 as a pager.

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Donald Trump and his network of friends have come up with a “secret system” to allow them to remain in contact without going through the channels a person normally has to navigate to speak to the President. Instead of contacting Trump via the approved White House portals, those with close ties to Trump simply call his old smartphone, choosing to either leave a quick voicemail to simply rely on the phone’s missed call log to alert the President that they need to speak with him.

Then, when Trump checks his old phone and catches a missed call or message, he uses his new “Secret-Service-approved” phone to reach out to whoever it is that wanted to chat. This way, Trump’s huge collection of colleagues from past ventures can remain tied to the President’s hip even while his aides and security detail continue to beg him to just ditch his old device entirely.

It’s a hilarious workaround that is both absurd (for a President, at least) and yet totally in keeping with Trump’s seemingly random and illogical approach to being President.

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