Dolphins, Chiefs, Titans players kneel, raise fists during national anthem

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The protest reverberations from Colin Kaepernick’s preseason decision to sit during the National Anthem continue to echo through the NFL. Several players chose to take stands in defense of social change during Week 1, and many of those stands were even more defiant than Kaepernick’s. Here’s a rundown of the major protests so far this week:

• Denver’s Brandon Marshall began the season with an act of protest, kneeling during the anthem prior to the Broncos’ opening game against Carolina. Marshall lost an endorsement because of his protest.

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• The Chiefs’ Marcus Peters raised his right fist during the anthem, an apparent echo of the Black Power protests during the 1968 Olympics. The Chiefs as a team had joined arms on the sideline.

• Several Titans players also raised their fists during the anthem prior to Tennessee’s game against Minnesota.

• Multiple Dolphins players, including Arian Foster, knelt on the sideline before Miami’s game against Seattle. During the same game, the Seahawks locked arms in a unified protest.

• New England’s Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty raised fists at the end of the anthem prior to Sunday night’s game against the Cardinals.

Kaepernick’s 49ers aren’t scheduled to play until Monday night. Clearly, though, the movement he’s begun, with actions, words, and his own paycheck, is starting to flower across the entire NFL. Roger Goodell has expressed discontent with this form of protest; how the NFL and owners deal with this form of quiet insurrection will be a fascinating story over the next few weeks.

Sports protests embed
Sports protests embed


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