Dodgers troll Madison Bumgarner by sporting 'Go get it out of the ocean' shirts

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have added more fuel to the fire in their on-going feud with Madison Bumgarner and the San Francisco Giants.

Days after infielder Max Muncy coined the phrase “Go get it out of the ocean“ after hitting a home run into McCovey Cove against the Giants ace, Muncy and teammate Enrique Hernández were spotted sporting T-shirts with the same phrase prior to Friday’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

All of the fire emojis.

The original issue stemmed from Bumgarner’s response to the home run.

Bumgarner is well known as one of baseball’s utmost respecters of the unwritten rules. When he felt Muncy admired the home run a little too long, he shouted his disapproval.

That’s what prompted Muncy’s memorable response.

Not surprisingly, the phrase has quickly become an unofficial slogan for Dodgers players and for the fans. And you better believe it’s being marketed. By Monday, there were already shirts with that phrase that were licensed by the MLB Players Association and available for purchase.

It’s one thing though for the fans to buy them and wear them to Dodger Stadium. It’s quite another when the players jump on board and not so subtly take jabs.

The feud between Bumgarner and Dodgers dates back a long time, with Yasiel Puig being the Dodger who most frequently irritated the former World Series MVP. With the feud continuing into the post-Puig era, it appears there’s no end in sight.

The only potential interruption might be a Bumgarner trade to the American League. But even that leaves the door open for more fireworks.

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