Ditch the paper and pen for the Big Game: Sign up for Squares Pick’em

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With the BIG game on February 4th, get ready for kickoff by taking one of the most fun parts of the day to the next level. No one wants to worry about drawing lines and picking numbers out of a hat for your squares game, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. 

That’s right, Squares Pick ‘Em is back! The first digital game of its kind on Yahoo Sports let’s football fans play along with the Big Game, sponsored by Pizza Hut.

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We’re taking the game-day tradition and making it easier to create, operate and follow. Aside from not having to draw lines, there’s no need to physically chase down people to join the action. From office groups to viewing parties, challenge your family, friends and colleagues with Squares Pick’em. It’s simple. It’s fun. And it adds an entirely new dimension to the Big Game.

And best of all, Squares Pick ‘Em is free and 20 quarterly winners will be eligible to win free pizza for a year (in the form of a $500 gift card from Pizza Hut).

[Your chance to win on football’s biggest day. Sign up for Squares Pick’em]

Anyone can sign up and simply fill out their grids through the Yahoo Fantasy app and desktop experience. After signing up, users can invite whoever to pick Pizza Hut-themed boxes on a 10×10 grid. Delicious. Each square equals a possible score at the end of every quarter of the football game. If the square you pick matches the score at the end of the quarter, you win ultimate bragging rights.

Similar to Yahoo Fantasy Football, commissioners in Squares Pick’em can set up private leagues and establish settings for their specific league before inviting friends to join.

So, is there any strategy?

Umm, no. The randomness is what enriches the entertainment factor. But once all boxes are filled, and numbers are assigned, hopefully you’ll score a favorable combination. In 408 quarters that have been played in 51 Big Games, the most common score combination has been 0 and 7 (appearing 20 times). Individually, 0 has hit 26.9% of the time, 7 19.6%, 3 14.9% and 4 11.2%. The least likely numbers are 2 and 5, coming in at just 2.4% of the time. 

Rally your friends, family, neighbors, pets and various unwanted acquaintances to enhance the Big Game experience and sign up for Squares Pick’em NOW!

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