Dimitric Camiel 'Moving Ahead' After IU Pro Day

Jordan Wells, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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All Dimitric Camiel needs is a chance.

After back surgery in mid-September held the offensive lineman to just two games in his fifth-year senior season, he's steadily progressed enough in recovery to hold a successful workout at Indiana's Pro Day on March 31.


Jordan Wells/TheHoosier.com

Now he's hoping he's done enough to convince one of 32 NFL teams to give him a shot in the professional leagues.

“A lot of teams, they just really wanted to see me healthy," Camiel said. "To come out here and show I was healthy – I feel like I had a nice Pro Day.

"Still definitely some things to improve on, but the bridge is clean. We’re moving on ahead.”

No doubt, that Friday spent running through just a handful of drills was an important day for Camiel.

The entire event has to be a little nerve-wracking - such an important, and public, job interview.

Camiel, though, looked at it is an opportunity to see where he stood against the best of the best.

"If I was playing or getting ready for a game after being hurt, then I would have more of an idea because you’ve been there before," he said. "You know what your body needs and what you need mentally.

"But here, you get the seven drills and you pretty much give your best, then after that it’s up to those guys. Getting ready for the process was different, but it was also fun to compare yourself to the guys who have made it and made it to the combine.”

Camiel was one of two Hoosier offensive linemen to work out at the event. The other was his teammate, Dan Feeney, who's projected by CBS as a second round pick in the upcoming draft.

They arrived at IU in the same season, both as members of the class of 2012. Camiel was tabbed with a three-star rating and a 5.5 Rivals Rating, while Feeney came in with the same rating and a slightly higher 5.6 grade.

“That’s my brother man," Camiel said of Feeney. "When we first came in, we kind of felt like we were battling for the same spot.

"But then just growing together, and that’s my brother for life man. It’s been a blessing to pick up things from his work ethic and learn from him, to keep developing myself kind of behind him. He just gives me something to push for. So having him here has been a blessing and I wish him the best in the future.”

Next for the former IU standout - who played in 39 games for the Hoosiers, including a regular starter at tackle when healthy the last two seasons - is a lot of waiting.

Camiel has a couple team visits lined up, then hopes calls continue to come in.

"Hopefully we keep this process going," he said.


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