Dillon, Watson get in most polite hockey fight ever (Video)

Sharks blueliner Brenden Dillon was mic’d up for Saturday’s tilt against the Nashville Predators when he decided to drop the gloves with Austin Watson in what turned out to be the most polite hockey fight imaginable.

Dillon started the exchange by doing the respectful thing and asking Watson for his permission. After they dropped the gloves, both combatants delivered a few soft body shots before agreeing to call it quits. Very considerate of them. And to put a cherry on the nice-guy sundae, they even exchanged some pleasantries in the penalty box.

What makes this even better is that Dillon, a B.C. boy, and Watson, who is from Ann Arbor, have never played on the same team during their hockey careers. They’re just a couple of predictably wholesome hockey guys trying to fire up the boys.

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