Did Xavier Rathan-Mayes get tripping revenge on Grayson Allen? (Video)

Xavier Rathan-Mayes was the second victim of a Grayson Allen trip last season. Ever since, he’s wanted revenge. He more or less admitted as much after Florida State’s 88-72 win over Duke earlier this season.

“This one was personal for me,” Rathan-Mayes said postgame. “Ever since he did that, I’ve been waiting a long time to see him again. It was good to finally see him again.”

Rathan-Mayes got the better of Allen that evening on the court. That was probably all the revenge he needed. But during the second meeting between the two teams this season on Tuesday night…

Is that a revenge trip!?!?

Maybe. Maybe not. It’s really tough to tell if there is any intent. And Allen, as some Seminole fans will surely note, is known for his theatrical falls.

Plus, unlike Allen, Rathan-Mayes has no history of incidents like this aside from being on the other end of one last year. He’s not known as a dirty player, though one of the possible reasons behind Allen’s trip last year was that the two had been going at each other all game, and frustration boiled over.

This incident occurred in the second half of Tuesday night’s game, with Duke holding a sizable lead. The Blue Devils went on to win 75-70. Allen scored just two points off the bench in his return from an ankle injury.

We’ll let everyone decide on their own whether or not the trip was intentional.