Did Wilson fumble away his job with Giants?

Patti Traina, The Sports Xchange
The SportsXchange

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The addition of running back Brandon Jacobs to the New York Giants' roster begs the question: Is David Wilson headed to the bench after losing two fumbles in the season opener?
While coach Tom Coughlin wouldn't confirm what the plan was for Wilson on Sunday, he reiterated that the team needs the young man in the lineup.
"As I've said many times, we need him. He's necessary. He's going to have to overcome this issue," Coughlin said.
At the same time, Coughlin realizes that defenses are going to be targeting Wilson until he adjusts his technique.
"He's a marked man, so he's really going to have to overcome it," Coughlin said.
Jacobs, who hasn't played much football since he was with the Giants for Super Bowl XLVI, will likely serve as a blocking back on passing downs and could also see some snaps on the goal line and short-yardage situations depending on how things go for him in practice.
After a few days to recover mentally from his embarrassing game, Wilson is trying to look ahead toward improving.
"It was a tough loss and I definitely want to do things to help my team and not hurt my team, so I'm just moving forward from that point and learning from my mistakes, and am looking forward to getting a win this week and getting things back in a positive direction," he said.
Wilson noted that Coughlin was constantly yelling reminders about how he wanted the ball handled during Wednesday's practice.
"He wants to fix it with the whole team," Wilson said. "He kept saying 'high and tight' and keep two hands on the ball in certain situations. He's doing his part and we have to do our part."
Moving forward, Wilson said he's not going to let the chance of fumbling affect his play because he doesn't want it to distract him from what he has to do on the field.
"Moving forward, you can think about it too much and let it hurt your play," he said. "You can't let it affect your game and let it slow you down, tie your feet up, and now you're not thinking about making plays; instead you're thinking about holding onto the ball and now you're standing in the same spot."
However, Wilson did admit that he's trying to get used to putting two hands on the ball when in traffic, something he proudly reported he was able to do during Wednesday's practice.
"I'm just moving forward and trying to help my team," he said. "Fumbles have to be eliminated, so that's something I'm working hard to do."

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