Diamondbacks debut 18-inch Chicken Enchilada Dog: Would you eat that?

After we anointed the Kansas City Royals’ pulled pork funnel cake sandwich as the most outrageous new food item in baseball last week, the Arizona Diamondbacks at least made us think twice.

The D-backs — one of the top mega-food teams in MLB — have given us things like the D-Bat Dog and the Churro Dog in the past. So their entries into the crazy food wars always warrant some attention. Their Chicken Enchilada Dog isn’t necessarily outrageous in the country-fair kind of way, but it’s a huge and creative eating endeavor.

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We at The Stew are purveyors of baseball culture of all sorts, and that includes crazy stadium eats, so we’re here with a breakdown of the D-backs’ new mega hot dog and whether our crew would eat it.

The new Chicken Enchilada Dog from the D-backs. (Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks)
The new Chicken Enchilada Dog from the D-backs. (Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks)

WHAT IT IS: Per the Diamondbacks announcement it is an “18-inch chicken enchilada sausage, queso blanco, enchilada sauce, pico de gallo, black olives, sour cream and tortilla strips on a talera hot dog roll.”

WHERE TO GET IT: Chase Field at the Big Dawgs stand near Section 126.


Chris Cwik: After saying yes to the Royals’ funnel cake monstrosity, I feel like a hypocrite saying no here, but let me explain. I have a few issues with the D-Backs’ dog that I didn’t have with the Royals’ item. First off, there’s just way too much food here. This isn’t something a normal person can eat on their own. You have to share it, or else you‘re going to waste food. The Royals’ BBQ creation was ridiculous and probably way too rich, but it seemed doable for one person (even if you wouldn’t recommend it). While most of the ingredients on this sausage seem fine, the whole thing is ruined for me by the olives. They are a garbage garnish and I won’t stand for them. Replace those with onions or guacamole or avocados or something and I might be in. I draw the line at olives, though.

Liz Roscher: I would definitely eat that glorious looking hot dog. I’m really curious about how the chicken enchilada sausage tastes, but how bad can it be when it’s smothered with queso, pico de gallo, olives, and sour cream? And those crispy tortilla strips on top will give it all a little crunch. To the genius who created this: thank you for your world-bettering contribution, and please send me one of these post-haste.

Mike Oz: I’m wary of many Frankenfoods, but in this case: I don’t really consider this a Frankenfood. It seems like a well-conceived idea, a complete package for making a new and interesting mega dog. I like that it sticks to a flavor profile and adds some fun with things like tortilla strips. It’s big, sure, but it doesn’t feel like someone in a stadium food test kitchen was throwing odd flavors together just for the sake of getting attention. I’m a yes. It’s probably a messy yes, but a yes all the same.

Mark Townsend: No. At the risk of sounding like a picky eater, which many would say I am, I’m going to pass on this one. First of all, anything that resembles a hot dog or serves as any form of a substitute for a hot dog is a no go. That‘s been true from a young age and hasn’t changed. I’m not big on Enchiladas either, and the extras here aren’t enough to tempt me. Sorry D-Backs, this gets a swing and miss from me.

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