Dez Bryant thinks deal with Cowboys will happen soon

David Fucillo
SB Nation

Dez Bryant could be getting a new deal sooner rather than later. Will it impact Michael Crabtree's negotiations?

The San Francisco 49ers have to figure out their situation with Michael Crabtree's contract, but in the meantime, another contract might impact things a little bit. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is hitting free agency next spring, and according to an report, a deal could happen soon. Dez Bryant said there is a "big chance" a deal will get donebefore the season starts. Additionally, NFL Media's Michael Silver is reporting negotiations have intensified quite a bit.

Recently, we heard that Michael Crabtree wanted a chance to earn serious wide receiver money, but that he was also willing to do a deal that included some measure of incentives as opposed to a lot of guaranteed money. We don't really know where the two sides stand with 12 days until the 49ers kick off the 2014 season. I imagine both sides are discussing things, but there has been a bit of radio silence the last few days.

A Dez Bryant deal impacts a Michael Crabtree deal to some extent, but I don't think all that much. Even during current Crabtree negotiations, we've known Dez will get a ton of money. If it happens soon, I don't see it necessarily decreasing or increasing Crabtree's chances of returning. If Dez gets less than people expect, maybe that makes some difference, but I think any deal Dez gets will be big time bucks with sizable guarantees.

When I last put together a post on this subject, I included a poll asking when Crabtree would sign a contract extension. 64 percent voted that it would get done before the season, 10 percent voted during the season, 11 percent voted after the season, but before free agency, 1 percent voted during free agency, and 13 percent said never. I've posted a new poll just to see what has changed since that poll.

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