Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez conducted an awkward interview together

Kevin Kaduk

“So, are you guys friends now?”

That was the way CNBC’s Bob Pisani went careening into what would’ve normally been a huge get for any interviewer: A sit-down with Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter, two former New York Yankees teammates who had an awkward relationship as both reeled off All-Star seasons in the Bronx.

But if Pisani thought he was going to get some juicy stories on all those seasons from a pair that was known for a distant bond in the Yankees clubhouse, he quickly learned otherwise as both Jeter and A-Rod teamed up to shut down Pisani like he was an old pitcher from the AL East.

After both ballplayers avoided the friends question, Pisani kept at it.

“You greeted each other warmly,” Pisani said. “The press made a little thing about the back and forth between you. Was that real or serious ever?”

“You’re bringing up stories from about 20 years ago,” Jeter said.

“Is this the History channel?” A-Rod chimed in, looking to Jeter for apparent approval on his joke.

Jeter and A-Rod both tried to steer Pisani back to asking about the charities they were representing at BTIG Charity Day, a celebrity-studded celebration run in New York by a financial services firm. A-Rod was repping the Boys and Girls Club while Jeter was raising money for his Turn Two Foundation.

But Pisani went back off track again, attempting to ask Rodriguez about Monday night’s Met Gala and being a hot item on social media with his date, Jennifer Lopez.

“What channel is this?” Jeter asked.

Pisani tried to recover by asking Jeter about the rumors that he’ll be buying the Miami Marlins with Jeb Bush.

Nothing doing there, either.

“There’s absolutely nothing to add to that,” Jeter said. “The media has run with the story, but we’re here today for the BTIG charity event.”

Will Jeter be running things if his group’s bid does win the team?

“Like I said, we’re here for the charity event today and we’re not here to talk about anything else,” Jeter said.

Well, then.

Maybe one day someone will get the two Yankees stars to sit down and really talk about what went on when A-Rod was asked to move to third base upon signing with the Yankees in 2004 and all the mini dramas that followed.

But Tuesday was not that day.

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter had an awkward interview together on CNBC Tuesday. (Screenshot)
Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter had an awkward interview together on CNBC on Tuesday. (Screenshot)

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