Demarco Murray injury thoughts

demarco murray injury
demarco murray injury

Here are some Demarco Murray injury thoughts.

Murray exited the Titans last game just before halftime. He returned a bit after the other players and played well in the second half. On one play, Murray didn’t “take on” a Jaguars defender in the open field. On every other play, he looked completely fine.

During yesterday’s presser, Coach Mike Mularkey discussed Murray. It is curiously absent from the Titans transcripts here.

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What I remember having watched it was something like this- Mularkey saying that the MRI results were favorable. He responded, yeah we’ll monitor it. Will he practice Wednesday? and some response like we’ll see. We’re going to keep an eye on it. Q-Will he get a veteran’s day of rest then? A-Well we’re not going to rush him back. Obviously, I’m “winging it” and didn’t take notes like I usually do. They are not direct quotes.


Jason Wolf of the Tennesseean quotes him as this:

“DeMarco, we’re just going to monitor him,” Mularkey said. When asked if the test results were favorable, he said “for the most part, yeah,” but he expects to have a greater understanding of Murray’s health when the team practices Wednesday.

“I’m not going to rush him back,” Mularkey said.

That’s about the same as I remember.

The article is titled “DeMarco Murray won’t be rushed back from injury”

Many many MANY did not read the article, apparently, and rolled with the title and begun to “tell the world” to pickup Derrick Henry in fantasy football. Last night, some were saying Murray could be out “longer than expected.”


Murray is not expected to be out so if he were to miss a second of playing time, technically that is “longer than expected.”

There does not seem to be any news here. ESPN, CBS, etc do not in any way mention an expectation that Murray will be out.

I did not get that impression from the presser.

Every toe injury seems to be assumed to be a turf toe injury nowadays. Turf-toe is an annoying injury for everyone involved. The toe is fine, it sort of flares up, and then isn’t fine….and then is fine again. That cycle then plays itself out for the rest of the season. No one has said that Murray has a turf toe injury.


The Titans would be fine without Murray. Antonio Andrews was last year’s starter. He plays special teams and is active on gameday. Derrick Henry is Murray’s backup and has been impressive when he’s played extended minutes. Much of Henry’s work came in the preseason. They have two backups that are more than capable of filling in.

At this time, there is zero reason to expect Murray to sit.

Previously, we have discussed being careful not to overwork Murray and that the NFL season can wear down a runner. It’s possible that’s all this is- a “headsup” to the Titans staff to go a bit easier on Murray.

If Murray is injured and Mularkey is being coy, well then he needs to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance during the presser. In no way did he look concerned.



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