Daring cat invades Marlins Park and scales the home run sculpture

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It looked like it was going to be another normal game for the Miami Marlins on Tuesday. They were facing the Atlanta Braves, and there was no reason to think anything crazy or weird or wildly entertaining would happen.

Then a cat walked our lives. Well, the cat scampered more than walked.

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It was just before the sixth inning when everyone noticed the cat hanging out in center field. No one knew how it got in, but all it seemed to want to do was find a way out. It broke for the outfield wall and crammed itself in the gap between the ground and the padding, trying to find an exit. It was so close to getting one when Giancarlo Stanton knocked on the hidden door in the outfield, trying to get the staff to open it so the cat could make an exit. But a member of the grounds crew tried to pet the cat, which made it run away pretty quickly.

With the cat continually running away from things, it looked like this might become a larger problem. But cats are clever and canny, not to mention incredibly athletic.

The kitty climbed up a lighted section of outfield wall like a Spider-Cat and settled in the magnificent home run sculpture, out of harm’s way.

A cat invaded Marlins Park, and found a temporary home on the home run sculpture. (MLB.com)
A cat invaded Marlins Park, and found a temporary home on the home run sculpture. (MLB.com)

So of course, this daring gray cat became the Marlins’ mascot for the night. And the person behind the Marlins Twitter account had an absolute cat pun field day.

But the best tweet of the night was definitely this.

My vote is for “Don Cattingly.”

Despite all the cat-related merriment, Marlins center fielder Marcell Ozuna had a more philosophical view of the cat when he spoke to Joe Frisaro for Cut4.

“The first thing, I was thinking, bad luck,” Ozuna said. “And then, I said, ‘Ok, you’re here for some reason. Maybe our good luck. Let’s play.’ … Every time I came out for defense. I looked at the cat out there, hiding its head into the thing. I’m thinking, ‘What are you doing out there?’ The last inning, I don’t see it. I didn’t know where he’d go.”

The Marlins won 8-4, so maybe Ozuna was onto something. The lucky cat could have been crowned the Marlins’ permanent rally cat, but the kitty had other plans, or perhaps other ballparks to invade.

Godspeed, baseball cat!

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