Daniel Cormier Missing 50-Percent of His ACL, but May Not Opt for Surgery

Daniel Cormier Initially Fretted He Would Lose UFC Title Shot with Jon Jones Injured

Daniel Cormier recently thought he might have to put off surgery on his knee because there was the possibility he, and not Alexander Gustafsson, might next challenge Jon Jones for his UFC light heavyweight belt.

One the UFC ironed out the situation with Jones and made the rematch with Gustafsson official, most thought Cormier would immediately opt for surgery. That, however, isn’t the case.

Cormier had an MRI done on his knee last week, and according to UFC Tonight, the doctor told him that he is missing 50-percent of the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, plus he has a significant tear to his lateral collateral ligament. Surprisingly, however, he wasn’t told that he should immediately go under the knife.

Because Cormier is not experiencing major pain in his knee, the doctor reportedly told him that he could decide for himself when he wants to have surgery.

With Jones and Gustafsson scheduled to fight at UFC 178 on Sept. 27 in Toronto, it might be a good time for him to have the surgery done, depending upon the recovery period, but he hasn’t made up his mind just yet.

Although doctors aren’t forcing him to make a decision yet, Cormier said that he wants to make a decision one way or the other sometime within the next couple of weeks.

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