Dancing Kevin, Blue Jackets superfan, lost over 160 pounds (Video)

Remember Dancing Kevin?

The real question is, who could forget Dancing Kevin?

The Columbus Blue Jackets superfan gained international fame for taking his shirt off at games and painting messages on his stomach. This was unforgettable, because Kevin was a rather rotund gentleman: His belly wobbled around as he danced to songs like “Turn Down For What” during games and poured cans of beer all over his face and body.

Kevin Schroeder weighed 358 pounds. His stomach was 5-feet around. The act was entertaining. His lifestyle was anything but healthy.

So the 44-year-old fan decided to make a life change. According to the Columbus Dispatch, he used a meal service that prepared healthy portions. He hit the gym, sometimes twice a day. He went to support groups.

The result? He’s dropped over 160 pounds this year. And he debuted his new body at the Jackets’ home opener on Thursday night. Watch the video on Facebook!

Better known to Blue Jackets fans as
Better known to Blue Jackets fans as “Dancing Kevin,” Kevin Schroeder shows off his transformed body since undergoing a vigorous weight loss program in the past few months. Schroeder had been known as the overweight dancer with messages painted on his oversized belly. Now those messages are painted on a healthier body.


Congrats to Dancing Kevin on his lifestyle change. And it’s great to see that he hasn’t lost any of that fan mania for the Jackets.

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