Dana White still uncertain about Gina Carano, claims he’ll have more answers in September

Karim Zidan
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UFC President Dana White revealed in Macau that he is nowhere near closing a deal with Gina Carano and will not know anymore on the subject until September.

While Dana White continues to claim that contract negotiations with Gina Carano are "close" to completion, the lack of actual development tells an entirely different story.

The UFC President was asked in Macau whether he had gotten any closer to signing the former Strikeforce Featherweight champion, which he responded to in typical fashion.

"It's complicated, but I think we are close," said White. "I think we're close."

White went on to explain that he initially had a plan for Rousey vs. Carano, which has now been placed on the backburner until there are developments with Carano's contract negotiations.

"I had plans, but now I don't know. We have to see how this thing plays out. I wouldn't know more about that until September. First week of September I should have more answers."

While hardly any fan or pundit considers Gina Carano a legitimate threat to Ronda Rousey, the reigning women's bantamweight champion admit to practicing caution against Carano since she is one of the few women with legitimate knockout power.

"Ever since the beginning I have been positive that Gina is the worst style match-up for me," Rousey said in Macau. "Even in the feeling of distance and timing, that stuff doesn't go away if you take time off. Those things are always with you like a bicycle. Gina's not going to start training when the fight is announced. She's already been training for months. I think she started quite a while ago and she only has me in mind. I expect that she's going to be extremely prepared and a very dangerous opponent despite what other people might speculate."

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