Dana White responds to fans saying UFC 177 should be free: 'Go to the movies tonight, I don't care'

Brent Brookhouse
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Dana White wants you to go see a movie if you're not happy with Joe Soto in a UFC main event.

Dana White is none too happy with MMA fans who are criticizing the UFC product.

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Today, his anger is aimed at fans who said that UFC 177 should have been moved to "free" status and put on Fox Sports 1 following Renan Barao being forced out of his main event title rematch against T.J. Dillashaw. The main event now features Dillashaw defending against promotional newcomer Joe Soto.

When asked about that line of thinking by "Showdown Joe" for Sportsnet, White replied "Tell them to go to the movies tonight. I don't care." He would expand on this by suggesting that the problem is that people are never happy, "It's funny these guys saying 'make it a free show', how do you want these guys to get paid? The champ is still fighting. That's the craziest thing I ever heard. These people were bitching when Barao was still fighting. Some people are just never happy. I don't care."

He even took the show to Twitter:

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