Dan Wetzel's Week 8 college football podcast

Dan Wetzel
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Week 8 of the college football podcast brings a push toward professionalism – improved audio quality courtesy of an ISDN line. Of course, it quickly descends back toward non-professionalism when podcast investigative reporter “Veronica Morningstone” conducts an interview with the people behind the fake Twitter account of former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe (@DanBeebe).

Some background: the Twitter account is hysterical. Even the real Dan Beebe has said so. The two people who run it, however, can’t risk having their identities known and couldn’t speak in fear of their voice being recognized.

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So we sent questions via email, they responded and then we plugged it into the cartoon magic of GoAnimate to create the fake Dan Beebe interview and destroy any semblance of journalism for the podcast.

Welcome to the vortex of non-reality; so untrue, it may actually be true.

Fake Dan Beebe dishes on his favorite topics though, including DeLoss Dodds, Mike Alden, Kenneth Starr, Jim Delany, cocktails and who will win the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game.

Clay Travis of outkickthecoverage.com and 104.5 FM “The Zone” in Nashville, Tenn. also joins us.

The BCS race is broken down, including the flaws in the computer and human voting systems. The big question is whether a one-loss LSU team would deserve a spot in the title game over unbeaten teams Wisconsin, Stanford, Clemson and Boise.

Conference realignment, mainly the Mountain West-Conference USA merger that created a 22-team league dubbed Conference WTF, is touched on.

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Wisconsin’s title hopes are discussed at length, as are the struggles of the Florida Gators and why would Les Miles fare better at night than in the day.

Finally thee games are predicted: Auburn (plus-23) at LSU, Southern California (plus 8) at Notre Dame and Wisconsin (minus 9) at Michigan State.

Enjoy the podcast, I assure there is nothing else like it out there.

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