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Did New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick do a favor for his friend Urban Meyer, then the coach of Florida, by having a very public dinner with Tim Tebow prior to the 2010 NFL draft, thus helping drive up Tebow's draft stock? It's a fascinating question, and Tom E. Curran of Comcast SportsNet New England – this week's guest on the Dan Wetzel Podcast – has the answer.

Tebow and the Denver Broncos (who drafted him in the first round thanks, in part, to former Belichick assistant coach and then Denver head coach Josh McDaniels) play New England this weekend, the most high-profile game of the Tebow era.

Before getting to the Belichick-Tebow dinner in the North End of Boston, Tom and Dan discuss the phenomenon of Tebow and why people rooting for his failure are so puzzling. Both agree that although he certainly is publicly religious, what he says isn't all that controversial. There's even a Lindsay Vonn mention or two.

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In terms of football, Curran breaks down how Belichick and the Patriots view Tebow and their plan to contain him – not to mention running back Willis McGahee.

Tom Brady's dust-up with Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien is also addressed. Is there more to it than an interception? Just how frustrated is Brady with his wide receivers, running game and defense? And why did New England wind up with Ochocinco and not Jabar Gaffney?

Wetzel and Curran also talk about the James Harrison suspension and its affect on the Pittsburgh Steelers as they head into a critical Monday night game at San Francisco. Finally, are the 49ers for real – as in playoff real – or is this an ascending team a year away from competing with the league elite?

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There is even some talk about Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, the New York Jets and the intriguing slate of games this weekend.

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