Dan Wetzel's football podcast: Divisional round

Dan Wetzel
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Gregg Doyel, columnist for CBSSports.com, joins the podcast this week as we gear up for the divisional round of the Tim Tebow/NFL playoffs.

Of course the conversation starts with Tebow and his unexpected brilliance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The discussion focusing on the eerie fact he threw for "3:16" yards, that Nick Saban once made him weep and a debate about whether God loves Tebow or Tom Brady more.

Obviously, it's some high-level football talk.

The surging New York Giants return to Lambeau, where the 15-1 Green Bay Packers await. With their improved play and forever-confident attitude, is this the potential upset of the weekend, or did we just forget how good Aaron Rodgers is?

The Manning clan – Eli, Archie and Peyton – get some treatment. Gregg thinks Archie gets involved too much. Dan wishes he had more kids, sort of like the football version of Jim Bob Duggar. Either way, would both Manning sons really be willing to share New York and would Peyton even be a good "mentor" to Andrew Luck if he stays in Indy?

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San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh is popular with both guys, but Gregg is having a tough time getting over the 49ers' "weenie" touchdown against the St. Louis Rams, when Michael Crabtree pretended to leave the game only to stop right on the sideline and sneak out into the open.

When it comes to playing the Saints, the question is whether the Niners' defense can prevent Drew Brees from turning the game into a shootout. If it can't, does anyone trust Alex Smith to win a wide-open game against Brees?

Baltimore is getting no attention, but if the Ravens' defense isn't too old (as Gregg is concerned) this may be the most dangerous team in the AFC. Even if it's a step slow, can rookie quarterback T.J. Yates really win on the road against Ray Lewis and Ed Reed?

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The final few minutes have nothing to do with football: The potential for the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao fight is discussed. Consider it a bonus.

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