Dan Feeney Shines Attention On Teammates As NFL Draft Approaches

Jordan Wells, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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Talking with (now former) Indiana offensive lineman Dan Feeney at IU's Pro Day, it's easy to see why he's so well-respected by his teammates.

Ask Feeney how he felt he performed at the event, for example, and he'll answer - but not without also telling you how effective teammate Dimitric Camiel was in his workout.


Jordan Wells/TheHoosier.com

“I think it went good," Feeney said of his IU Pro Day. "It was definitely good to get some more work with some different o-line coaches.

"A lot of the guys did good. Dimitric coming up, doing a really good job and looking real in shape. I’m excited for him.”

After performing many of the measurement drills at the official NFL Combine, Feeney sat those out at IU's Pro Day, instead just going through position drills.

Ask him why he elected to stick with his combine measurements - there he is, talking about his teammates again.

“I got feedback from a lot of guys saying everything I did at the combine was pretty solid," Feeney said. "I could have gotten better in a couple things, but it wouldn’t have made a huge difference.

"In the end I think today went good just doing the position drills. A lot of guys like Dimitric and Mitchell [Paige] did some good things too.”

Okay Feeney, here's a curveball. Is this whole draft process fun or nerve-wracking?

“I think it’s fun," he said. "I love the competitive atmosphere and being around guys like Dimitric that love what they do, just coming out and playing ball.”

There he is again, showing his teammates love, when much of the attention is (deservedly) on him. It's just the kind of guy Feeney is.

CBS ranks him as the second-best offensive guard in this class, and as a projected second round pick. He trails only Forrest Lamp from Western Kentucky in that category.

“It’s hard to say because it’s such a weird process," he said of feedback from teams. "There are so many variables.

"It’s tough right now because teams could like you, but they need corners or something like that. So it’s all up in the air and it’s all about the team needs.”

Feeney aims to check in as the second consecutive Hoosiers offensive lineman to be selected early in the draft. Former IU standout Jason Spriggs was chosen by the Green Bay Packers in the second round in 2016.

The latter was able to share some advice with Feeney on how to handle the process going forward.

“Jason Spriggs, obviously he went through it all last year so it’s fresh in his head," Feeney said. "Pretty much everything – it’s going to be long, it’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be fun.

"You’re going to see the best of the best and it’s going to be competitive, and that’s the best part of football in my opinion, is the competitive atmosphere.”

The next step before the draft begins April 27 is "a lot of waiting," as Feeney put it. He has a few team visits coming up, and a few more are coming to Bloomington to put him through a workout.

His major focus is staying healthy. Then for draft night itself, his current plan is just something small with his folks at home.

"I'm not too flashy, as you can tell," he said with a grin.

Oh we know, Feeney. And soon, so will the NFL.


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