Curtis Luck hits patron at Masters with errant shot, draws blood

Devil Ball Golf

AUGUSTA, Ga. — You don’t often think of golf as a hazardous activity, but if you’re in the gallery and you’re in exactly the wrong spot … pow.

Amateur Curtis Luck, playing in his first-ever Masters and sporting a jacket that looks like a fast-food burger wrapper, hooked his tee shot on the par-3 4th hole hard into the surrounding gallery, and dinged a poor patron right on the skull. Television replays showed blood flowing down the gentleman’s skull, which is really not the way you want to spend a day at the Masters.

It’s not like there aren’t balls falling out of the sky on a regular basis at Augusta. On Thursday, one patron ended up with one of Jordan Spieth’s shots in her lap:

Jordan Spieth’s ball ended up in a lady’s lap. (Getty)
Jordan Spieth’s ball ended up in a lady’s lap. (Getty)

But it’s just this gentleman’s bad luck to be hit by an amateur, and not a pro. Luck handed the man a golf glove for his troubles, which is a nice gesture. But when, say, Phil Mickelson hits a fan — which happens a fair amount — he tends to tuck a couple large bills in the glove for good measure. Hopefully Luck hangs around this game long enough to have some pain-and-suffering cash in future Masters tournaments.

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