Curious case of Kirill Kabanov continues

How Kirill Kabanov would have made it from Moscow to Moncton amid the travel restrictions in Europe is barely even the first question.

That's how crazy it was to hear talk this afternoon, via Coming Down The Pipe! and across Twitter, that Kabanov was due to rejoin the Moncton Wildcats for Game 3 of their QMJHL semifinal series against Drummondville.

The whole saga really has entered the Tyson Zone, where you would believe anything you heard, while not really believing it unless you saw it with your own eyes. At least report Kabanov was not taking the warmup with the Wildcats.

The background: Kabanov, who could go in the back half of the first round of NHL draft, left the Wildcats three weeks ago after a game where he was benched in the third period by Moncton coach Danny Flynn. The official line, if memory serves, was that he was leaving to play in the world under-18 hockey championship, but then he was dismissed from the Russian team. It's hard to believe that after all that has gone down, Kabanov would end up playing again for Moncton this season.

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