Cubs minor leaguer Daniel Spingola makes amazing fence-flipping catch

Daniel Spingola makes a head-over-heels grab. (
Daniel Spingola makes a head-over-heels grab. (

Minor league baseball is in full swing, and that’s great for so many reasons. Not only is it a fun, low-key way to watch some live baseball this summer, you get to see young baseball players do amazing things as they work to get to the majors.

Like Daniel Spingola, an outfielder for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the High-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. When the Pelicans played the Lynchburg Hillcats on Friday night, Spingola went so all-out that he literally flipped over a fence to make an out.

It was the top of the ninth, and the Hillcats center fielder Ka’ai Tom thwacked a ball into left field. Spingola was tracking it, and started running, and running, and running, and the ball came down into his outstretched glove … and all of a sudden Spingola wasn’t running anymore. The ball had drifted just barely into foul territory, and at the Pelicans’ home field that area is fenced off with a patch of sand behind it to simulate a beach. So when Spingola stopped running, it was because his bottom half had slammed into a fence.

Spingola’s top half kept traveling forward and he toppled over the fence and onto the stand. Thankfully, he was OK. (And he didn’t fall onto the blue-jacketed guy sitting in a chair just a few feet away, who acted like this kind of thing happens all the time.) Spingola popped right up with the ball in his glove, and the second out was made.

Spingola spoke to’s Gerard Gilberto about his amazing snag.

“It’s funny because I’ve always kind of visualized going over there and making a catch because there’s sand right behind the fence,” Spingola said. “So I was like, ‘Well, that’s probably not too bad of a place if I’m going to go over the fence.’ Hopefully, I get another opportunity to do that again and be able to be a little more graceful.”

Graceful or not, the ball stayed in the glove, and that’s what matters. But at least the sand provided a little cushion for his fall.

The Pelicans couldn’t rally in the bottom of the ninth and ended up losing the game 5-2, but that doesn’t make Spingola’s catch any less awesome. And as they say, there’s always another game tomorrow. And Spingola might have another chance to make his over-the-fence catches a little more graceful.

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