Cub Tracks Has Its Eye On 2015

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Things are going pretty well for the major league Cubs. But with the Iowa Cubs' season recently ending, a lot of writers are reflecting on Kris Bryant's amazing season, why he's not here yet, and what it means for 2015.

It's almost all about "the future" today.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • Kris Bryant's awesome season puts Theo Epstein on the clock for 2015. This includes video of Theo talking about many of the September call-ups, as well.

From Cubs Den

  • Here's a contrast of the Cubs' roster from April to today.

  • Here's looking ahead to Rule 5 roster decisions.



  • Kris Bryant will look at 2015 with a little chip on his shoulder as he realizes baseball is a business.

  • Bryant's future position is still to be determined. But the Cubs want him to be flexible between third base and the outfield.

  • Jorge Soler and the other young Cubs should make September fun.

From the Chicago Tribune

  • Theo Epstein thinks Kris Bryant needs to prepare for a 7-month season in 2015.

  • Another mailbag.

  • Epstein also says that Javier Baez' high strikeout rate is all part of his learning curve.

  • VIDEO: Rick Renteria talks about playing the team's newcomers.

  • VIDEO: Eric Jokisch talks about the surprise of getting promoted to the big leagues.

From the Chicago Sun-Times 

  • Naturally, Gordo is second-guessing Kris Bryant's absence among the September call-ups. Even more shocking, Scott Boras agrees with Gordo. The logical fallacies are too numerous to mention.

  • In his usual wet-blanket sense, Gordo thinks "playing the kids" is a double-edged sword.

From the Daily Herald

  • Mailing it in down the stretch.


  • The Des Moines Register chips in about Kris Bryant's ceiling, his dad, and Manny Ramirez.

  • Pat Hughes has been named to the WGN Radio Walk of Fame.

Today's food for thought

  • Technology assisted telepathy has been shown in human subjects.

  • Monkeys can learn from instructional videos.

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