What to Do if You have a Crush on Your Boss


Do you get tingles in your toes and butterflies in your stomach whenever your boss bumps into you? Now, although falling for your boss is more like inviting trouble (or so it seems), but it is always safe to identify whether it is just a crush or something more than that. So, here’s how you can pinch yourself back to reality and get off the barbed fence!

Give it a reality check

Do you think you are confusing admiration with love? If so, your brain is tricking you in the worst way possible. Often people in the position of authority are undeniably attractive and command attention, but do you really think it is more than that? Have you fallen head-over-heels and can’t stop obsessing about your boss? If not, then you should probably be getting off the couch, stop emotional eating and think of better things of likeable consequences. For instance, pump life into your neglected social life so that at least one part of the day you are absolutely disconnected from work and enjoying with people you have ignored for long.

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Talk to your friends, not colleagues

Of course, we are humans and our heart bleeds love, but do you think that there is space in your heart to let office romance blossom? Talk to your close friends and pour your heart out. They are more likely to give an objective and non-judgmental point of view. You might be pressuring yourself in to believing that you have found your Mr. Perfect, but find out if you really have or fooling yourself? Remember not to mention or disclose the wobble in your knees to your office friends (no matter how close) because you would not come to know when this secret became a rumour.

Find out if you are being manipulated

You may be an extremely diligent and a hard working person, but are you sure you are not being exploited or manipulated? Now, your boss may have noticed your absolute adulation may be plotting to get her/his work done in order to climb the ladder of hierarchy even further. So, you must look at their track record to see if they earned or scored their way to the top. You don't want to end up exhausting yourself with this one-sided admiration, where you are being skinned to your bones.

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Do not make your feelings obvious

The tingles in your throat and butterflies in your stomach will need some taming. Make sure you don't spend too much time devising strategy of 'dress to impress', or of 'taking charge of every project' to get yourself noticed. Wear the regular clothes and look out for your body language. Any change in behaviour around your boss, will not only be noticed by your colleagues, but also by the one you secretly adore. You may inadvertently become a butt of office jokes.

Catch-22 situation

If the feelings are mutual, i.e. both you and your boss confess to 'liking' each other, you may find yourself in catch-22 situation. Either you would have to switch departments or your job (check if your office policies are tolerant of office romance). If you choose to continue working in the same office, it would be better if you avoid flirting with each other.

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Now you must understand, like any other relationship there is a 50-50 chance that this relationship will work or not. But there is always a danger of mixing your personal life with professional in such situations. So, whether you want to get over the whirlpool of emotions or ride along the tide is completely your decision. 

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