Cowboys owner Jones critical of himself

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said in an interview with NBC Sports on Sunday night that his job performance as the general manager merits a firing.
The interview with Bob Costas aired before the Cowboys' 19-13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Highlights of the interview ran on
When Jones was asked to critique his own work as the general manager, Jones said, "I think (the criticism is) valid. We've had four division titles since we've won our last Super Bowl. We've had six losing seasons since we won our last Super Bowl. That's not acceptable."
Jones admitted that he would have fired himself.
"Well I think so, because he was there to dismiss," Jones said. "I've always worked for myself, and you can't do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. I've done it with coaches, and I certainly would have changed general managers.
"The truth is, in the NFL, if you're active and involved as an owner, that's the final thing. That's the way it works.
"Let's don't kid ourselves: When it gets down to the real, heavy, hard decisions, you have owners make those decisions -- that's as it should be."
In other words, don't expect Jones to replace himself with another GM.
Jones said that despite his shortcomings as the general manager, he believes the roster he put together is good enough to win the Super Bowl.
Jones gave a vote of confidence to second-year coach Jason Garrett.
"When I look at the overall picture, I like what we've got in Jason, I like what we've got relative to our defensive coordinator in Rob Ryan, and I like our personnel."
He also defended the play of quarterback Tony Romo, who has faced much criticism.
"Tony has won 60 percent of the games he has started for the Dallas Cowboys," Jones said. "He's got the fifth-highest quarterback percentage in the history of the NFL. Yes, he does make exceptional plays. And in doing so, he's had turnovers. But in general, I like the way he drives the bus when he needs to drive the bus, but gives us the chance to make the great play when blocking breaks down.
"Tony Romo is our quarterback, and the way we're going to go is the way Romo goes."
The Cowboys (3-5) visit the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

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