Cowboys NT Brent to be further monitored

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Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent will not have his $100,000 bond increased or revoked after a hearing Friday.
Brent was ordered to the hearing to answer to allegations that he repeatedly violated the terms of his bail, according to the Dallas Morning News.
Brent is scheduled to go on trial in September on a manslaughter charge in the death of former teammate Jerry Brown Jr. when Brent's vehicle crashed on Dec. 8 in Irving, Texas, and Brown, a passenger, was killed. Brent's blood-alcohol level reportedly was twice the legal limit.
A condition of Brent's release was that he has to wear a SCRAM ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol levels. A testimony from a bond supervisor, the CEO of Brent's rehab center and a SCRAM device supervisor said Brent has not logged his data 22 times. However, there were no indications that alcohol was detected or that there was interference with the device.
A judge ordered that Brent will be randomly sampled for alcohol and he will be required to photograph the environment he is in when being sampled.

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