Cousy lobbies Rivers to stay

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers gets his share of fan mail, but even he wasn't prepared for one letter he recently received. The letter came from Celtics legend Bob Cousy and it had one request:

Don't leave.

Rivers is considering leaving the Celtics after this season to spend more time with his children, who have become standout athletes in college and high school. Cousy told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday that he recently mailed Rivers a letter telling him how much he wanted him to stay in Boston.

Rivers has led the Celtics to two NBA Finals in the past three years.

''I'm upset about it,'' Cousy said. ''I've been a Doc fan since he was in Orlando. In fact, I seldom do this, but I sent him a note about the day before the [East] finals ended with Orlando because I was so impressed. I think Doc is an outstanding coach, an outstanding human being, a good family man and a solid citizen type.

''I dropped a note saying, 'Regardless of who grabs the ring, when it comes time to making a decision I hope that you give us strong consideration and stay with us for a while.' I'm a complete fan of Rivers.''

Cousy was spurred to send Rivers the letter after watching the Celtics upset the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic in the playoffs.

''It's something that got my attention and he's someone I admire,'' Cousy said. ''I don't do it often. I'm sure it won't help anything on Doc's decision, but who knows. I'm sure he'll weigh a lot of factors before it's through. They'd be hard-pressed [losing him]. I don't think they want to lose the chemistry that he has been able to create since he's been here. He's handled the egos extremely well, but from an 'X's and 'O's standpoint also. That playoff stuff was really impressive to me. It's so hard to get guys to respond on both ends of the floor.''

Rivers said he received the letter. ''It was a good one,'' he said. ''It was great.''

Randy Auerbach, daughter of late Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach, ran into Rivers in Santa Monica as he was having dinner with broadcaster Al Michaels on Tuesday. Michaels and Rivers used to work NBA games together before Rivers joined the Celtics.

While Randy Auerbach didn't ask Rivers if he would return to the Celtics, she did have an idea what kind of advice her father would give Rivers.

''Where are you going to go coach next with that kind of family?'' Randy Auerbach said. ''[Rivers] is a classy guy. He gets it.''

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