Cotto-Judah round-by-round

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NEW YORK – The arena is electric and the sellout crowd of 20,658 is heavily pro-Miguel Cotto and is loudly chanting his name.

Whenever Zab Judah appears on the television screens, he is resoundingly booed. Everyone is on their feet as Judah begins to walk to the ring. A DJ asks the crowd to welcome Judah, and he is met with an ear-splitting chorus of boos.

Judah is pacing in his corner as Cotto begins to walk to the ring to a tremendous ovation. Cotto goes to a neutral corner upon getting into the ring and falls to a knee in a silent prayer.


Cotto lands a straight right early. Judah is flicking a jab that is short. First minute is very slow. Good left to body by Judah backs up Cotto. Judah rocks Cotto with a straight left. Judah goes down face first and is writhing in agony from a low blow with about a minute left in the round. Fight resumes after a 90-second wait. Judah pops a jab. Cotto doubles his jab. Judah's round, 10-9.


Cotto lands a hook and a jab. Judah keeps flicking his jab, but most of them are short. Judah's speed advantage is apparent. Cotto goes to the body for a combination. Good right to the body by Cotto. Judah lands a left to the body. Crowd urges Cotto on. Judah is circling as Cotto stalks. Judah easily blocks Cotto's hook to the head. Double left hook by Cotto lands. Cotto lands a combination. Judah lands a big left in the center of the ring that wobbles Cotto. Cotto's round, 10-9.


Crowd begins to chant for Judah. Judah goes down again from a low blow. There is 1:40 left. Judah is laying on his face and now is rolling around. Referee Arthur Mercante Jr. deducts a point from Cotto. Cotto's mouth is bleeding and he has blood on his chest. Hard exchange in the center of the ring that Cotto gets the best of. Judah lands a body shot. Judah connects on an uppercut and Cotto responds with a body shot. Cotto lands a short left hand. Left uppercut by Judah lands. Judah is much quicker. Judah complains about a low blow. Judah's round and with the point off, it's 10-8.


Cotto lands a couple of body shots. Judah has blood by his right eye. Good right hand by Cotto, maybe his best punch. Judah crouches low and then dances away. Cotto lands three jabs. Judah is not punching as much now. Cotto lands a combination, though it doesn't appear to hurt Judah. Judah is taking a more defensive posture. Cotto's round, 10-9.


Judah backs into the corner and Cotto fires. Good right hand by Cotto inside. Cut on Judah's eye is in a bad spot on his right eyebrow, but it's not bleeding much now. Hard combination by Cotto. Short right inside by Cotto and Judah looks at referee to complain about hitting on the break. Jab by Cotto. Judah is showing little offense at this stage. There is a left to the body by Judah. Hard left inside by Judah. Cotto's round, 10-9.


Right inside by Judah. Judah warned for hitting on break. Fighters embrace as Mercante warns them. Cotto is bleeding from the forehead, apparently caused by the illegal blow. Judah doubles the jab. Cotto lands a hard right that staggers Judah into a neutral corner. Many in the crowd are on their feet. Judah is talking to Cotto. Cotto is firing hard shots inside. Cotto's round, 10-9.


Judah flicking jabs that land but don't appear to bother Cotto. Cotto is the stronger fighter at this point. Uppercut by Judah lands. Cotto crouches under a Judah combination. Cotto lands a left and Judah connects with a hard three-punch combination that rocked Cotto. Judah fans begin to chant his name. Good combination by Cotto inside. Judah's round, 10-9.


Judah's right eye is badly swollen and Cotto's face is cut up. It's been a grueling fight. Cotto lands a left in the corner. They trade in the center of the ring. Left by Cotto and then a right inside. Hard body shot by Cotto. Judah hurt by an uppercut and then a combination. Hook by Cotto hurts Judah. Cotto is in command. Judah appears weary. Another combination to the head by Cotto backs up Judah. Judah lands a body shot that has no impact. Cotto regained his lost momentum. Cotto's round, 10-9.


Cotto comes out firing again. Judah wipes at his swollen right eye. It has to be causing him vision problems. Judah again paws at his eye. Cotto comes in winging. Right hand by Cotto backs Judah to the corner. Cotto walking forward not bothered by Judah's punches any longer. Judah takes a knee in his corner even though there was no punch landed. There is a minute left. Cotto is pummeling Judah at this point. Cotto is taunting Judah. Judah misses wildly with a hook. Cotto's round, 10-8.


Cotto resumes attack as crowd chants, "Let's go Miguel." Judah throws a combination that Cotto handles. Left by Cotto, but pace has slowed a bit. Cotto has switched southpaw. Judah's corner urging him to attack. Right uppercut by Cotto. Judah forces them to the ropes. Cotto lands an uppercut and Judah wobbles into the corner in trouble. Only 10 seconds are left. Cotto fires away. Cotto's round, 10-9.


Cotto combination puts Judah down in first 30 seconds. Judah is up but wobbly. Mercante jumps in to stop it with about 50 seconds gone in the round. Miguel Cotto goes to 30-0 and retains WBA welterweight title.

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