Connor Barwin could be traded by the Philadelphia Eagles

Robert Molnar

One of the many players that had down seasons last year with the Philadelphia Eagles, Connor Barwin is one of the players that stood out for his poor form. Having his worst season since joining Philadelphia back in 2013, Barwin only managed to record 34 tackles, five sacks and one forced fumble.

For a defensive end, these stats are nowhere near good enough, especially for someone that should start all 16 games. While Barwin stats have been trending downward ever since 2014, this past year he really fell flat. Holding a cap hit of $8.35 million this next season, Barwin looks to be a player on his way out of Philly. Combine this with the fact that his dead cap is only $600 thousand and you have a recipe for a cut player.


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That said, the recipe is missing one ingredient. That ingredient is a lack of trade interest, something there appears to be plenty of across the NFL. Heck, one source for the NJ Advanced Media went as far to say that “If they cut him, teams will be lining up for him.”

Going on to further explain what he thought the Eagles should do, the source mentioned trading Barwin due to the amount of interest that exists for the player. “He wouldn’t be out of a job for long. I would think they could trade him and get something back. He has value. His deal this year isn’t that bad.”

While trading him would be the best option for the team, don’t expect the Eagles to get much back in return for Barwin. Though the player has some suitors, he is still coming off of a poor 2016 campaign and has quite a cap hit to his name. With both these factors involved, the most the Eagles could probably get for him would be a late day three draft pick.

With so much money invested in the defensive line, expect something to give this offseason. Thanks to the amount of holes that exist across the rest of the roster, the Philadelphia Eagles will have to find ways to open up some salary cap space. Thanks to his kind dead cap amount, expect Connor Barwin to be one of these cap casualties either through trade of a straight release.

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