Ivanka Trump slams BuzzFeed story alleging she used lewd language about men: 'A complete and total lie'

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Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

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Ivanka Trump responded to a BuzzFeed story alleging she used lewd language when she met the site's CEO, Jonah Peretti.

"I met her once & she casually said 'I've never seen a mulatto c--k, but I'd like to!'" Peretti alleged in a tweet.

Trump called that out in a statement Wednesday afternoon: "I am not sure if that was meant to be a joke, but in case there is any ambiguity, this is a complete and total lie," Trump said.

Peretti's tweet sent Twitter ablaze. BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith even tweeted, "Is there a doctor on this flight @united," seemingly in response to Peretti's comments.

When Peretti landed, he told BuzzFeed News a bit more about the encounter, which allegedly happened about a decade ago at a Manhattan bar in front of about five other people.

“She was saying how she first said she had never seen an uncircumcised c--k and then she said, ‘I’ve never seen a mulatto c--k. There’s lots of c--ks I’ve never seen,’ or something like that,” Peretti told BuzzFeed.

“Of course, it was memorable just because of the use of the lewd language and racist language," he continued. "It was also memorable being in the environment of being … in New York, sometimes liberal and progressive people make comments meant as jokes and not necessarily earnest. I didn’t know how to take it."

Peretti said that he hadn't revealed the quote before because it was personal, but that he felt it was relevant because of comments Ivanka Trump had made at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit about being taken aback by Donald Trump's language.

Nathan McAlone contributed reporting.

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