Colts injuries continue to pile up

Nik Cline

If the Indianapolis Colts have been consistent at anything over the last few seasons it would be injuries. According to Football Outsiders  the Colts have ranked in the bottom half of AGL (adjusted games lost) over the last two seasons. In 2014 they ranked 30th in the league at 104,7 and 17th last year with 65.1 on their AGL line. This season that should continue.

We all know about the injuries early on to players like Darius Butler, Vontae Davis, Donte Moncrief and about any other secondary player who was on the roster.

And this week will be no different. The Colts already look to be without Moncrief this week, someone they desperately need back. After Chuck Paganos’ press conference this week, that list grew.

Dwayne Allen will likely miss a few weeks with his ankle injury as the team signed Chase Coffman yesterday. You can expect the same from Anderson his knee injury is not the same one as last year (ACL tear). So hopefully they can get back one of their best run stoppers.

Dorsett being day-to-day is another blow to an already depleted receiving core for Luck. The emergence of Chester Rodgers over the last few weeks has been a pleasant surprise, but he is not a number 2 receiver.

Granted it is just Wednesday but things are not looking good for the Colts as they will try to get their first division win this Sunday in Tennessee.

If the Colts lose Sunday against the Titans, we might be in for a very long season.


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