Colin Kaepernick: Could Start Again Sunday Staff

Update: Kaepernick could be in line to start this week against New Orleans, as Alex Smith is still not concussion symptom-free and coach Jim Harbaugh said he tends to go with the hot hand, reports.

Recommendation: If Smith is still experiencing concussion symptoms, then this becomes less of a controversy and more of a simple injury replacement. However, if Smith is deemed ready to return to practice this week, then it becomes a little more complicated. Kaepernick downplayed the "hot hand" comment from Harbaugh, but tight end Vernon Davis was extremely complimentary, particularly on a fourth quarter pass thrown his way. "The ball that he threw me, it was one of those balls that you see Tom Brady throw...second window...I didn't expect the ball to come because we run that play quite a few times and the tight end usually doesn't get the ball on that play," Davis said of the 11-yard gain. "But he saw it, and he put it there." The situation should be monitored closely as Harbaugh would probably like to keep the Saints guessing as he did with the Bears this past week. If Kaepernick does get the start, he could be worth using if you're having quarterback issues, as the! Saints defense ranks dead last in the NFL.

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